James has a masterful ability to design products end users love. 

In my time working with James, we were primarily focused on a product redesign. I was particularly impressed by his ability to connect with power users of the platform, understand how they work, and use a data-driven approach to UX improvements. James always managed to find multiple amazing ways to achieve the end result and would leave it to the end user to help us determine which one was ultimately product worthy. 

James will be a valuable asset to any team.

Sean Pinegar

Co-Founder, Field CTO, Tenfold

I have never worked with a better UX researcher/designer than James Tucker.

James pays attention to everything: 

  • the user, 
  • the developer, 
  • his team, and, of course, 
  • the product. 

As a user, I want my tools to be designed by James, because he’s likely figured out what I need better than I have.

As a developer, I want to work with James because he respects my constraints.

As a designer, I want to become James, although maybe a slightly less obsessive version.

As a product, I want to have been designed by James, because my users will love me.

James’ energy is limitless. When working towards a deadline he works like a 20 year old. Unlike a 20 year old, he knows what matters and what doesn’t, which makes him a lot more effective. 

James can keep multiple versions of a product in his head at the same time. His work takes all of those versions into account. Managing multiple teams to execute at this level is a challenge. Luckily, James is process-oriented, so he sets up structures to help others keep up with him. This marriage of creativity and management ability makes James the ideal person to run complex product development.

James is a delight to work with. He is straightforward (no politics!), respectful, and trustworthy. I hope we work together again some day.

Paul Murphy

CEO, Clarify, Inc

James is a highly creative thinker who can generate an array of ideas to solve a difficult problem. James addresses product design through the careful study of the various user groups and profiles, conducting detailed analyses of their behavior. He also has a highly refined sense of aesthetics that allows him to present his thoughts in a compelling manner. Finally, James is a positive, collaborative team member who adroitly navigates the egos and general mayhem within a rapidly growing company.

David Sturtz

Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Xtime

James is one of the best UX leaders I have worked with in a product management leadership role.

Whether it’s leading world class UX resources for usability testing, information architecture, or visual design, James builds and manages high performance teams that consistently delights customers and exceeds expectations.

James partners very effectively with product management to bring game changing creative ideas to the product portfolio and yet is extremely nimble to deliver designs in a fast paced agile environment. Bhaskar Deka

Head of Product Management, Xtime

James holds this truth to be self-evident – you don’t know what your users think until you observe them in action.

To this end, he is relentless in cultivating relationships with users and has a knack for uncovering game-changing insights. James also acts as a passionate UX advocate, bearing the torch of UX-centered design to all corners of an organization. James is one of the few true UX unicorns I know, creating on point, beautiful, and measurable solutions for future iterations. Jon Kawa

Co-founder and Chief Technologist, Analyte Health

During the time I reported to James and his team at Xtime, James created and guided product UI and UX, creating interactions for completely new features, and moving the software forward to the company’s recent, profitable acquisition. He led ALL of the visual and interactive development of the core product, including a desktop, tablet, and mobile version of the application.

He was also completely responsible for and took initiative to carry out in-the-field UI research to ensure the software nailed what clients really needed – instead of what the team and company expected them to need. These efforts were crucial for desigining a product that was immensely attractive to clients and to the company that eventually bought Xtime. 

James also supervised Xtime’s full-time UI team. I thought it was incredible that he was able to guide the team to create spectacular work, despite many challenges – including management focused on creating a business instead of a software, a remote engineering team in Brazil, and pre-existing product architecture that made creating good software an ongoing, immense and extremely painful challenge.

I was especially impressed with James’ ability to gracefully handle constant urgent requirements coming from all directions. I was also really amazed by his ability to create a benchmark UI and UX that accommodated the bells and whistles so beloved of sales people, while also creating a truly elegant and extremely usable software for the menu of devices and services supported by Xtime. 

Deborah Speece

Lead Product Designer, UI/UX Designer, Xtime

James transformed the Line2 brand from its scrappy origins to a polished, modern look with attitude. He developed online promotions, videos, did product UI work, designed web pages, and wrote customer surveys.

The range of his abilities is broad yet integrated toward a single goal best summarized by a poster in his office “I want what the customer wants.” He offers a rare combination of rigorous customer testing and analysis with creative design inspiration. The result is great design that stays grounded in reality and gets the job done. Peter Sisson

Founder & CEO, Line 2


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